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Sample Course Material

Basic Course Book  (pdf)

Bob Saja     (a very funny beginners dialogue)

Apa ini?     (takes you step by step)

Click here to see the progressive pattern of the dialogues and exercises.

Simply the FASTEST
way to learn Indonesian!

Bintang Bahasa's philosophy of language learning is simple: Language is about expressing ideas clearly and easily.

Traditional grammar and structure-oriented teaching is NOT effective. New programs offering near magical results do NOT deliver as promised. 'Learning like a child again' is NOT the answer.

What we offer is a comprehensive and affordable program with graduated audio materials, written scripts, and exercises that will massively increase your learning curve.

Click here to see an example of the progression in exercises.
The above samples illustrate the core elements of the program. Starting with a vocabulary of less than 20 words, you get practice listening and speaking and then doing a progression of exercises to activate and solidify what you've learned.

Subsequent dialogues build on that by slowly introducing new words and expression while purposely using all the previously learned material so that it becomes increasingly 'automatic'.

The introductory package takes you to a level of about 150 words. Naturally you will have been exposed to more words than that within the various dialogues but you will have used the core 150 words a lot and will be completely comfortable using them.

The pre-intermediate package continues from the base of 150 words and builds you up to a working vocabulary of 500 words. At this level you can understand and say quite a lot, IF you've learned to use all the words well, which is exactly what our program does. You don't just learn words, you learn how to use them to express your ideas clearly and easily.

The intermediate package takes you in stages to a vocabulary level of 1200 words. At this point you can easily express all your ideas and will naturally learn more words simply by speaking, reading and listening to Indonesian.

We haven't yet put the more advanced material into packages, but it's all available to our members for just $10 per month.

Below you can enjoy some of our original material for free and we'll be busy adding a lot more as we develop new fun and effective ways to learn Indonesian.

Our Original Stuff:
(before we learned html)


  • Bahasa Indonesia: Intro

Level One

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 1 file 1

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 1 file 2

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 1 file 3

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 1 file 4

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 1 file 5

Level Two

  • Bahasa Indonesia: Level 2 file 1

Extra files, just for the challenge...

How can I learn Indonesian easily?

The secret to a good language program is actually VERY obvious to most students. The problem is, nobody has ever put a program together based on the NEEDS of the students. Until now. We still surprise ourselves with how well the program works and still wonder why nobody has done it before.

It's a simple process of 'physical training', progressing step by step. You learn 10 words, then another 5 while continuing to use the previous 10, then another 5, while continuing to use the words you've previously 'learned', and so on. Each step builds on the previous step.

We've designed the program to do just that.

And learn REAL Indonesian!

You have to learn to understand the language as it's naturally spoken. Many programs teach you 'proper' Indonesian, English, French or whatever language, and when you try and use what you've learned with locals, it's almost useless.

Extra Vocabulary Focus

Learning vocabulary within a dialogue is always the best, however 'solidifying' what you've learned with some extra focus is also useful. Try our 10 Words a Day to help you REALLY understand a word more completely.

As a member, you'll get daily emails to help motivate you and keep the learning process going. Ten minutes every day is much better than an hour or two once a week. And sending quick replies to emails will help activate what you're learning.

What else?

If you're looking for a particular word, use our handy dictionary. And here's some old Indonesian grammar and vocabulary pages that are in need of updating but they're still useful.

We've also started making 'slidecasts' which allow you to read and listen at the same time. We'll be making more of these from Level 0 to advanced.

Learn Indonesian with Skype!

Once you've mastered the basics and are able to speak a little, it's an excellent idea to supplement the packages with some Skype lessons! Doing this early will help ensure your pronunciation is good and will dramatically increase your learning speed.

As you progress to more advanced levels, talking with a teacher is the best way to develop your skills. And it's FUN!!

Get our Skype lesson promotion package of 20 hours for just $200. That's more than 30% off the regular price.

beach Indonesia   beach Indonesia   beach Indonesia
Ready to get started? Then simply get a learning package and join as a monthly member for maximum results. To really supercharge your learning, sign up for skype lessons which are currently being offered at a 30% discount!

Learning Options:

Why is it so affordable?

We believe in our product and want to give you the chance to experience its effectiveness.

Frustrated with all the other programs and teachers you've tried? Try us!

We've looked and looked for a solution that incorporates all aspects of learning that do work and are effective but despite extravagent marketing promises from so-called experts not one of them came close to meeting what we wanted as students and teachers. So, we made our own.

Getting Started:

Here's something to help you 'hit the ground running' when you arrive in Indonesia. "Tiba di Bandara" (Arriving at the airport) - This booklet takes you word by word and step by step from immigration to your hotel to your friend's house for dinner.. and it's not at all like most boring phrase books.
Tiba di Bandara
(to listen to a recording while reading along click here or on Level 1 file 5.)

Another very useful guide that will serve you well, all the way to an intermediate level, is our Basic Course Book.

The best booklet for absolute beginners is our "Apa ini? Apa itu?". It will begin laying the firm foundation necessary for all your future learning. Have a look to see why it works so well. Basic Indonesian - Booklet 1

If you'd like a printable version of any or all these, just email us and we'll send you the link to download a FREE copy.

Videos for Learning Indonesian

Videos with subtitles are also useful and make learning more enjoyable. The trouble is, there aren't many with Indonesian subtitles and they're certainly not nicely organized according to level of difficulty for you to follow, step by step. We've done a few and will do more based on the wishes of our members.

Unlimited audio for members!

We'll be providing a lot of free audio and for members there's a virtually limitless supply. These are mostly 'live' recordings so you get natural Indonesian. Here's a sample.

Iwan and Ardy - Jakarta Banjir:
Listen to Iwan and Ardy talk about the 'banjir' (floods) in Jakarta and learn about how people living in the 'kampung' (village; poorer areas of Jakarta) make the best of an annual event.

What next?

Honestly? Get the learning package appropriate for your level and sign up as a member for just $10 a month. After all, your time is valuable and as a member, you'll get everything you need to learn Indonesian. Everything. I promise.

And if there's something you want and we don't have it, just ask, and our eager teachers will put it together for you.

If you still have some questions, please send us an email and we'll try and answer them.
Learning Options:

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